7 Reasons To Consider SWRS

Southwest Recovery Services, Inc (SWRS) delivers a comprehensive medical debt collections service to medical practices and health care providers.

#1 – People You Can Trust

Founded in 2004, Southwest Recovery Services Inc. has more than a decade’s worth of experience in the Debt Collection industry. As members of the American Collectors Association we adhere to the highest standards when recovering debts. All of our recovery procedures comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

#2 – We take HIPPA HI-Tech Compliance Seriously

As a HIPPA Hi-Tech Covered Entieis (CE) we work closely with your practice to ensure maximum compliance.

#3 – Our Debt Collectors have Medical Billing Experience

All Southwest Recovery’s medical debt collectors have medical billing experince. This helps us quickly identify and fix issues that delay payment.

#4 – We Don’t Use Hard-Ball Tactics

With multiple payers, changing insurance coverages, and more than 155,000 unique medical billing codes there are countless opportunities to make mistakes during the medical billing process. Instead of hard-ball tactics, Southwest Recovery’s medical debt recovery specialist take an investigative approach as opposed to threat. We have found over the years simply listening to customer’s concerns and helping them understand thier coverages is all it takes to resolve the majority of cases.

#5 – There are Zero Startup CostsIt costs nothing to get started.

We collect a percentage of what we are able to collect.

#6 – We have all the Technology, Process, and Scale Needed to Collect the debt

Debt collection requires a lot of organizational structure and technology to manage cases efficiently. Sure, your billing team could probably handle collections, but the return on the labor, training and equipment you need is going to be a lot lower than professional, full-time medical debt collection specialist.

#7 -We Partner with your Medical Billing Team

One major advantage of keeping billing seperate from collections is the addional feedback. We aren’t just instrested in helping you collect the money, we also want to give you the feedback you need to become a more effective practice. That’s why we routinely give billing supervisors and practice managers feedback on the information we collect from ccustomers.

#8 Bonus – We Make it Easy to Get Started

Our service is agreement in short and sweet. There is nothing to buy. We can implement a complete medical debt collection program in as little as 48 hours.

Still Not Convinced?

Let’s talk. Call us or ask for free quote. We will take time to evaluate your needs and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.