Medical Collections Process

Medical Billing Case Management

Helping Patients Get the Services They Need

The hardest part about medical collections is that if can take an emotional toll. In many cases SWRS has to collect debts incurred caring for sick and deceased people. How do you ask for money from a person who lost everything?

At SWRS our medical collections team understand the the importance of balancing compassion with responsibility. Simply put, paying the bills insures that your practice can maintain the standard of care needed to serve other patients in need.

Making Sure the Right People Pay

Instead of automatically resorting to hard-ball tactics, SWRS is unique in that we take time to listen to patients concerns and investigating thier issues. Often times patients provide new information that may shift payment responsibility to a new party. In this case we collect all the information needed to open a case for your billing team to evaluate and make a final decision.

Preserving the Relationship

Patients naturally want to perserve the relationships they have doctors and care providers and accept they are ultimately responsible for making sure that the bills for thier services get paid. We make every effort to partner with patients the same we do with insurance companies because experience has shown us it’s the fastest way to resolve the bill.

A practices with a high percentage of customer disputes is symptopmatic of bigger issues. SWRS has years of experience bridging the gap between t he billing and the patient. Call us now or schedule a free consultation see how we can help your practice increase cashflow while perserving your relationships.