Medical Collections Process

Fix Billing Mistakes Before They Happen

Eliminating Billing Mistakes Improves Patient Outcomes

The Wall Street Journal reports that more than 40% of all medical bills have errors. That is a big problem for medical service providers because medical billing mistakes are routinely cited as the number one reason patients choose not to pay their medical bills. Reducing medical billing mistakes is the single greatest opportunity for medical practice owners and managers to increase cash flow and reduce bad debt.

Medical Billing Quality Control

SWRS’s medical collections first stem when working with a new client is to establish feedback loops that will help your billing team reduce medical billing disputes. Our medical debt collectors aren’t just about collecting the money. We also collect data on common causes of errors because we wants to fix systemic problems that contribute to payment delays and bad debt. This long term perspective ultimately improves our collections rates and helps protect future cash flows by fixing problems that affect the patient-provider relationship.

Eliminate Mistakes Before They Happen

Our Medical Collection service is unique because we strive to eliminate problems before they happen. To learn more about how SWRS can increase your cash flow, reduce claims, and lower bad debt give us a call or request a free quote.