Medical Collections Process

Make Contact and Get Paid

Now It’s Time to Collect

At this stage the bill is verified to be accurate and complete and all third party payment issues are resolved. All outstanding claims or disputes have been resolved. In short, we have a valid debt to collect that is ready to be collected.

Find The Responsible Party

First we have to find the obligator. In some case we have accurate information, but often time this alone is the biggest obstacle for getting paid. Often people have moved without forwarding thier address, or changed employers and phone numbers. In hardship cases we often find the obligator living with friends and relatives.

Present The Case

At this stage hard ball tactics do not work. Consumer credit agencies have been lowering the weights they apply to medical debt, greatly reducing the impact medical debt has on a consumer’s FICO score. This leave the patient-doctor relationship as the number one incentive for paying the bill so hard ball tactics do not work.

A Softer Approach to Medical Debt Collection

At SW Recover Services instead of immediately trying to collect on a debt with hard ball tactics we take a problem solving approach. Simply put, we ask questions.

  • Do you have a copy of the bill?
  • Is this your current address?
  • Did you have any questions about the bill?
  • Have you report your problems or concerns?
  • How much can you pay today?

By collecting data, patiently answering questions, and presenting alternatives we can dramatically improve the collection rate on bad debt.

We Have All the Resource You Need to Start Quickly

Most medical practices and health care providers simply lack the knowledge, resources, and scale needed to ask the right questions and follow up appropriately. That’s why they call the medical debt collection experts at SW Recovery Services. We have the phone systems, worflow and technology already in place to start collecting on accounts almost immediately. More importantly, our softer approach places a lot of emphasis on preserving the patient-provider relationship.

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