Medical Collections Process

Third Party Claims Process Management

Eliminate Third Party Payment Barriers

Medical Collections is unique in that the person receiving services isn’t always the one paying the bill. Quickly determining who is responsible for a particular charge is the key to resolving payment barriers and increasing cashflow quickly.

A Different approach

Old school debt collectors automatically assume the debt is valid and immediately assume the responsibly party simply doesn’t want to pay. This simply does not work in Medical Collections for many reasons.

  • The responsible party may be an insurance company
  • In many cases, insurance coverages leave wide room for interpretation
  • There is high probability of medical billing coding errors

At SWRS It’s not only important that the bill gets paid. We also want to make certain the appropriate party pays the correct amount. Unlike traditional debt collectors, our medical debt collectors can read and understand coverage language, can spot coding issues, and assist your billing team in filing the proper claims enabling our team to close cases faster.

Resolve Third Party Claims Quickly

SWRS medical collection team is a powerful ally to your medical billing team because we have the resources and scale needed to resolve problems. Our proactive approach not only accelerates cashflow, it helps preserve relationships. If you practice is drowning in unpaid third party claims SWRS can help. Call us now or submit online for a free assessment.